Public Warehouse

We are a U.S. Customs Bonded Container Freight Station as well as a public warehouse and distribution company. We have facilities in Los Angeles, CA and Houston, TX to provide you with customized and personalized warehousing solutions. We want to be your warehouse partner without the hands-on hassle of managing warehouse operations and long-term overhead costs of warehouse space commitment.

Our services include:
Transloading/Car export loading
Retail-compliant routing and shipping
Same day container unloading and shipping
Create carton label with UPC barcode or UCC-128
Online inventory tracking (current on-hand inventory, pending receipts/orders, shipped orders)
Inventory management by batch, lot, FIFO, LIFO
Price Ticketing
Put on hangers
Pick & Pack
Kit assembly
Small Parcel Shipping (UPS, FEDEX, USPS)
E-Commerce fulfillment

Companies we serve: